The story about the birth of this project is filled with excitement and great drama:

Jon: “I think I want to program the Legend of Zelda for NES in Minecraft”

Evan: “OK, sounds good. Let’s get started.”

At that point we immediately had an idea of what we wanted to accomplish. Namely: fuller detail than has ever been applied before to similar attempts, an entirely functional game, and all done 100% vanilla using default textures.

Then we established our most important “design rule”: when viewed from above, the map should match the original perfectly. Doing this keeps the spirit of the 2D original intact despite the liberties we take in the 3D space. That way hopefully the game will feel both nostalgic and fresh, as the player encounters mostly familiar enemies in mostly familiar places with an entirely new perspective.

In short, we’re treating it as more than just using a platform to recreate a classic game, this is the original Legend of Zelda world and adventure in the Minecraft universe.

Release date to be determined! (We are working hard on getting closer to this every week!)


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    • zeldaminecraft says:

      Glad you’re both excited to play it! Right now we are working really hard to get single player working and are currently doing our best to keep it from breaking with 2 players, though making the game functional as multiplayer without mods is an extra bit of challenge. I think our perspective right now is to keep it in mind as we program the game, but ultimately it may be an option at a later date if at all.


  1. Jack Pike says:

    Wait, so, the trailer says “Loot over 10 unique dungeons” but there’s only 9 dungeons in the first quest. Are there going to be extra dungeons hidden elsewhere?


  2. Alex Goddard says:

    wow…this comment section is pretty quiet lately. So, got tired of that crazy gameboy pokemon red thing someone built in minecraft and still waiting for another nintendo property 😦

    This really is the type of thing that inspires a senior student to want to improve his programming and design skills before university in a few years…


  3. Trace Owo says:

    Hey, do you think you could give an approximate release date?
    another question, are you gonna release the map itself without the whole adventure stuff to it?
    please answer both if possible.


    • zeldaminecraft says:

      I can’t give an approximate release date because I’ve been wrong too many times before! When we release the map you’ll be able to do whatever you want in it. The adventure stuff will be there but you’ll just need to turn it off if you’d rather just explore the terrain.


  4. Alex Goddard says:

    I was hoping against hope this would release before that Pokemon Red remake, kinda dissapointed. 50 shrines to go in BotW, and looking for something different. Did Nintendo send you guys a cease and desist or something?


  5. Joshua Hensel says:

    Maybe another teaser…or a couple words from the creators would be cool. Just an update on how everything is looking. Even if it is not a release date, just a quick, “this is what we are working on right now,” kind of update. I know this is a lot of work and you are doing this on your own time, and I just want to say thank you


  6. Alex Goddard says:

    Check every month, and its like people have forgotten about this project altogether. I can’t remember when I first heard about it, must have been almost 2 years ago, heh. Almost done Highschool now, and use this as one of my example of what programmers can do every time I have to defend what I am interested in. Hope its done soon, looking forward to trying it and also taking a look at the command blocks. Next language to learn is Java, and hope this might teach me something.


    • zeldaminecraft says:

      Command blocks are not exactly the best place to learn proper coding, but they’re great at getting people excited about programming! I hope you stick with it! As far as the project goes, we’re still working on it! Been about 3 years since we started… Lots to do!


  7. Alex Goddard says:

    Happy Holidays! It feels like the world forgot this project and thats kind of a shame. I remember when the news sites did pieces on this project in 2015. Didn’t know much about minecraft then but this blew my mind. Even after seeing that gameboy emulator last spring, still look at this project with wonder.

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