Finally… a trailer!

“Coming Soon” probably needs an asterisk next to it!

Those that have been following our seldom documented progress on this project have probably been frustrated by both our lack of updates and our empty estimations of a release date of the finished product.

Well, as I’ve been happy to relay to those who’ve emailed us over the course of development, we are indeed still working hard on it BUT it is quite difficult to estimate when we’ll finally finish. This all has to do with how much time we can allocate to work on it each week. On average it isn’t much, however ultimately we don’t have any intention to stop until it’s done! As I say often, stay tuned & always feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thanks to u/GamerGuppy for both creating this trailer and contributing his skill to the project, namely the amazing boat wizardry that honestly is a major reason this project is technically possible at all.

See his latest showcase here. It’s very much worth your time if you’re interested in map making and what is now possible.

See below for links and some of the past updates on this project:

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