Hello again (finally!!)


Way back in February we posted our how it works update, which got a great response! We were interviewed and took a tour of the map, but since then we’ve been kind of quiet. However, behind the scenes we haven’t slowed down in the slightest. Much more of the overworld is finally shaping up, and the programming of specific elements is making great progress.

We also have a new team member gerrybrano and existing member SirTacoface that have partnered with us throughout development. Shoutout to part time helper samasaurus6 as well! Thanks a ton to these guys- otherwise we would not be this far along!

We have plenty more to show but we’re going to break up posts a little under the expectation that they are going to be more regular moving forward. At the same time, there will be plenty left that you won’t see until you play the game and explore the map. And on that note, no, we are not sure when it will be finished. Despite our progress there is SO MUCH left to do.

Look forward to another progress update next week (going to do our best to make these a regular occurrence starting now)!